Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Problem With Google Analytics?

I added Google Analytics when I started this blog. It’s a pretty interesting application. The program provides metrics of all sorts on who is reading the blog. One of the most interesting parts is called the “map overlay” which shows where in the world people are reading the blog.

Apparently, someone in Tucson read the blog. What’s interesting is that I post updates on Facebook and I don’t think I know anyone there. So, there are a couple of potential conclusions I can come to:

1) One of my friends is in Tucson
2) My popularity is growing
3) There’s something wrong with Google Analytics

After some Facebook stalking, it doesn’t look like anyone is in Tucson. As for being popular, I can’t even get my mom to read this. So, after talking to a friend of mine here in the Chicago area about my Tucson reader he said that it might have been him.


Well, he uses a wireless internet card from Sprint and, apparently, when he logs on to any Google program the ads are never for his area. Could it be that these cards randomly generate new IP addresses or find some strange link through cell phone towers? I don’t know for sure, but it seems that if these cards proliferate a significant portion of Google’s data could be incorrect.

One Extra Note:

This minor phenomenon happened prior to my posting of the blog on Linkedin.

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