Friday, November 21, 2008

If Being Folksy Is Part of Your Brand

There stands Sarah Palin in front of a trough of red turkey blood. Yeah, apparently she just pardoned one turkey and took a photo in front of death row as my vegetarian girlfriend would call it.

To a certain extent her comment of "Certainly we'll probably invite criticism for even doing this, too ... But at least this was fun" perfectly encapsulates how oblivious her handlers are at maintaining her image. If you watch the video of the actual interview she's not talking about standing in front of the slaughter hut. She's talking about how she believed the media picked on her during the election and how they will probably pick on her for this.

Well, she was right. The media is going to pick on her for this because all she had to do was turn around and let them take her picture with a different background. In addition, she brought this criticism on yourself.

I know there's a wing of the Republican party that likes their candidates to appear folksy, which is fine. Our history is filled with plenty of folksy personalities who shared a great level of wisdom: Mark Twain, Will Rogers, and Woody Guthrie to name a few. Apparently, though, the Republicans believe that folksy means knowing nothing beyond your front porch.

Folksy is not oblivious.

Maybe the Republicans should go back to the images that they understand because there will never be another Ronald Reagan: old men from the Northeast who despise government waste and paying taxes.

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Mark Brandau said...

William McKinley was such a badass that America came to his front porch in Ohio when he was campaigning. In the city ... city of Canton.