Thursday, November 20, 2008

The NYT Online is Killing Me

I try to read as many newspapers as I can during the day. Don’t ask me why, I really have no good explanation for my news consumption. In order to read online I highlight the text with my cursor. Usually, this is a pretty good way of keeping focus and staying on track as I read and scroll.

Recently, the New York Times online decided to add a greater level of functionality to the stories posted on their web site. This includes a strange new function that causes a question mark in a speech bubble to appear every time I highlight something. If I accidentally click on the bubble the site navigates me away from the page to some sort of internal NYT search engine.

This is driving me bananas. I am all for Web 2.0 ideas converging with 1.0 stuff, but – seriously – don’t screw with my news.

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