Friday, March 20, 2009

A New, Smart Move from a Major Label Band

More often than not, I criticize bands who are signed to major record labels almost as much as the labels themselves. However, some very big name artists are going out of their ways to remind the fans – who made them rich – that they appreciate taking their hard-earned dollars.

The latest and most interesting development comes from the band No Doubt. According to the most recent Sound Opinions broadcast, the band is planning a big reunion tour and with the purchase of a face value ticket that person can download every song that the band has ever recorded.

It’s rare for a band to make any money off of recordings even when you’re a multi-multi-platinum album band like No Doubt. In fact, they usually end up in debt to the record company and have to go on painfully long tours to try and recoup the expenses. Now that the band is the position of power in their relationship, they are basically saying, “Touring is where we make our money. So, please watch, enjoy, get all of our music on you way out the door and keep coming back.”

While this is definitely not the first tour with the consumer/fan in mind, it’s surely innovative.

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