Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Arcade Fire Sell Out

Well, not really. In fact, on this blog I have discussed poorly chosen music for advertisements and this spot for the upcoming live-action adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are" features a snippet of their song "Wake Up" off of their record Funeral.

Here's the trailer:

For me, the combination of the song - which is a high point on a record about the maturation process and the realization of death as a part of human existence - and the images of story book that most Americans were exposed to as children strikes a raw nerve in the right way.

Of course, I am pretty damn sure that was not what the person at the film marketing company was thinking with the pairing. Odds are they thought, "Hmm Spike Jonze is hip and indie minded, let's see if we can get one of the biggest indie bands to lend us a song." I wish I could give them the benefit of the doubt, but after Third Eye Blind's "Semi Charmed Life" appearing in countless trailers including this (click here because I can't embed it) there's no way that I can assume there are people out there who pay attention to lyrics and themes of pop music used in ads.

(Yes, there is the amazing irony of Artie Lang's many drug problems that ensued but I am going to set that aside because Artie Lang is not the product they are sellling.)

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