Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Peope Are Still Doing Well In the Music Business

Growing up in Southern California, I had many opportunities to go to concerts that were promoted by the people at Goldenvoice. Unfortunately for me, they didn't start the Coachella music festival until I left town.

Nevertheless, I find it pretty amazing that all the blogs - and now newspapers - wait with bated breath for the promoters to announce each year's line up. It's a real testament to word of mouth marketing in an age of media inundation. When it comes down to it, Goldenvoice has done everything right for a music festival that's out in the unbearably hot desert of Indio, CA. Through the Wayne's World 2 mantra of "If you book them, they will come," Goldenvoice has built a brand that gets the adoration of music fans across the country seemingly overnight.

The festival is known mostly as a launch pad for up an coming bands and artists and relaunching pad for bands to reunite or reintroduce themselves to the American music audience.

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