Friday, January 23, 2009

Pack Your Bags 'Cause We're Going On a Guilt Trip!

I am not a big fan of any marketer who tries to make me feel guilty. Now, it's understandable when non-profits market they may need to show images that depict the harsh reality of what they are dealing with; however, it's completely different when a company is just trying to make me feel guilty so they can make a buck.

While playing Scramble on Facebook this morning, a video ad for Gerber's "Start Healthy Stay Healthy" campaign popped up. As you can see from the screen shots I took on top, they're really not using positive reinforcement to get parents to click on the link. The link then leads to a site that helps new parents build nutrition plans for their babies.

Incidentally, the website is very nice and in no way negative.

Is this really the best way to market a nice idea?

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