Friday, January 30, 2009

The Number 25: A Word of Mouth Tidal Wave

There are times when people can do on their own what marketers can only dream. The amazing chain reaction of the "25 Things About Me" can be visualized like this:

All jokes aside, flashes of information like this in the social media space are amazing. What marketers can learn from this is not that they should encourage users to write about their 25 favorite aspects of a product, rather how can they get their brands mentioned in these tidal waves of word of mouth.

I've already seen friends' list contain things like:
1) I can't put down my blackberry
2) My digital camera is always in my purse
3) I may love European beer but I still prefer Miller Lite

And so on...

Why is this great? Because the user is fully exposed to the brand and the person in an extremely positive manner.

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