Friday, November 13, 2009

Thoughts on Murdoch's Proposed Ban of Google

“We’d rather have fewer people coming to our Web site but paying.”

On Monday, Sky News Australia (one of the many parts of News Corporation) released an interview with their chief Rupert Murdoch.  Among the many topics he discussed that day, Murdoch talked about the possibility of blocking Google from searching their content.

If Murdoch were to pull his content from Google it would be the first real power play against Google in some time.  Looking at the News Corporation roster of publications, publishers, networks, and social networks, one can see that it consitutes gigantic chunk of the internet landscape.  Can Google afford to lose the traffic of people searching for something a person saw in the Wall Street Journal, NY Post, etc.?

Murdoch has a pretty good search engine in Factiva, thus people can find most of his news content online with some ease (obviously, it's not free).  Factiva is not as easy to use as Google in some aspects, but better in others.  Plus, this could give Murdoch the opportunity to forge an allegiance with Yahoo/Bing which would definitely add to the value proposition to consumers who are searching for certain content.  Therein lies the most critical issue for Google.  If this were to happen, could it be possible that a this partnership could challenge Google's dominance in their field?

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Daniel McDonell said...

Perhaps this is a display of economic tribalism where businesses begin consciously turning away from a burgeoning monopoly (even though they still provide the best service) out of fear of its all-consumptive potential. Once the all powerful Google has been brought to its knees by these economic embargoes, it will naturally be turn apart limb by limb and feasted upon by all the corporations that brought about its downfall. Being that the players in question are all in the service sector, is this some twisted form of corporate cannabilism?