Thursday, November 19, 2009

Complaining About Some Horrible Ads Again

I don't know about you, but I really dislike this new Cisco Telepresence ad featuring Ellen Page. 

Am I supposed to know that Ellen Page is from Nova Scotia, or do I need to watch this ad a hundred times to notice the sign in front of the doctor's office?  I think the people who made this spot took way too many liberties in assuming the audience loves Ellen Page.  I mean I like her, but not enough to care about her doctor visits.

Plus, this ad is supposed to show the benefits of Telepresence in health care. Does it even really succeed at that? From the point of view that video conferencing used to be 10 frames a second with huge delays, I guess it succeeds; however, this ad makes me not care.

Now just when I thought this was my least favorite spot on television, I see this.

While this ad follows the Gap's successful formula of showing people dancing around in their clothes, I find this whole cheerleading meets "America's Best Dance Crew" thing to be obnoxious. Would it be better if they played holiday song in the background rather than the cheering? Probably.  The combination of voices barking "GO CHRISTMAS! GO HANUKKAH! GO KWANZAA! GO SOLSTICE!" at me is horrifying.

As a kid, I might have been happy to see that Jews (like myself), African Americans and agnostics or atheists were included in this ad. I would have felt that it was an invitation to celebrate in this season of giving along side everyone else. As a disgruntled adult with a weary eye toward consumerism, I find annoying that they think they need to pander to people like me in hopes that I'll come into one of their stores and assimilate even more than I already have.

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