Monday, May 11, 2009

MiFi Will Kill Satellite Radio

With the introduction of the MiFi from Verizon, we are about to witness the end of satellite radio. Why? Despite the fact that it was a good idea, satellite radio cannot provide the expansive and infinite content of the internet.

One of the main selling points for XM/Serius is commercial free music and talk for people who have to spend lots of time in their car listening to the radio to stay sane. With a MiFi in my car, my iPod touch can now stream podcasts and music from services like Pandora wherever I may be. (It sort of makes makes the iPhone a little silly now too, because the service plan costs less than an AT&T iPhone talk and data plan, but that's for another day.)

Back to the death of satellite radio. Whether you're a long tail type like me or a Britney listening pop junky like my sister, the internet gives users "on demand" listening capabilities. Until satellite radio introduces a product that's as easy to use as a net-top or an iPod touch with "on demand" capabilities, I have no reason to assume that XM/Serius will survive this new bit of technological convergence.

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