Friday, May 8, 2009

Are Luddites Making A Comeback?

The Pew Internet and American Life Project is one of the most interesting reads for a marketing nerd like me.

The graph seen above is from a study covering how people perceive and use their cell phone in addition to their computer. What struck me as interesting is the growing discontent on the opposite side of the digital divide.

To me, it's understandable that less than half of these groups of people would find it hard to give up their cell phone because they are a little older and spent most of their lives without one. What's more interesting is the fact that - just one year later - big drop offs in these groups.

Can it be that technology is moving to fast for some people, and - as a result - making them increasingly angry? Now, I don't think people are to start throwing their gadgets out the window. But, I do think that as products become more advanced we will start to these groups, which are probably going to decrease in size, become even more discontent.

As a marketer, I would find this both troubling and as a gift. It's troubling in that, we've invested so much money into reaching all types of people through every medium, with hopes of maximizing it's potential; not giving up on it. Although, it's a gift because it means that there are fewer ways to get to these people, and it may mean that they are more receptive to those media. Of course, those media are changing too at a rapid pace. Are we prepared to cut some people off?

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