Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Radiohead Went To The Grammys

Radiohead was never a big fan of the major record label industrial complex, and when they had the opportunity to go off on their own they took an innovative leap by releasing their album "In Rainbows" online for free.

As usual for the British art rockers, they produced an excellent record and the recording academy "honored" them with many nominations for their work. While part of me believed that the recording academy, which consists of the people who run the major labels, wanted to show the world that they appreciate art over politics, they really just wanted more people to tune in to the struggling award show.

I must admit that I tuned in to see the performances, and it was fun to watch them play with the USC marching band. In the end, I think Radiohead were acting as the bigger men in this situation. They could have easily said no, but they went and performed for fans like me.

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