Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aw That's Cute... But People Still Can't Get Vista To Work

Well, I spoke too soon about Microsoft. After the great business solutions ad campaign, Microsoft resurrected their "I'm A PC" schlock. This time they have a cute kid uploading a photo to a Windows powered computer.

Honestly, this is not going to make the distressed users of Vista feel any better about themselves. Plus, Microsoft does not need to compete with Apple and speak for all non-Apple computers. One could argue that people are buying Apple computers because of their user friendliness, especially with photo organizing, which is a big use of a computer at home.

But, if I were Microsoft and I felt that I need to speak for all PCs, I might focus on the fact that Windows based computers are more affordable than Apples. After all, the economy is terrible. In fact, they should have an ad where a person uses a Vista computer to search the web for a job, uses Word to write a resume, and maybe has some sort of a video chat interview.

It's just a thought.

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Rebecca said...

It was an asian kid of course -- you know they're smarter than us stupid white folk