Monday, July 19, 2010

Fox, You Are Ridiculous

Once again, Fox has banned an episode of Family Guy. The last time an episode of the button-pushing cartoon was banned from the network that gave us such fine programs as Temptation Island, Man vs. Beast and Herman’s Head, they opted to cancel it rather than face criticism.

According to the NYT, this episode is about abortion and Fox – looking to squeeze money out of it – will be selling a DVD of the banned episode, and here’s where I have a problem. At the beginning of each television season, Fox and the other TV networks sell their breaks to advertisers. When a network bans the broadcast of an episode the advertisers are getting screwed. Even if the network gives the advertisers a discount, budgets are thrown completely out of whack. (Yeah, I know, boohoo.)

My real problem is the fact that Fox is manufacturing controversy around what is probably going to be a tame episode in a weak attempt to garner more revenue for the News Corporation bottom line. Or, at least, cover the paychecks of Sarah Palin and Glen Beck who undoubtedly bitch and moan about it on Fox News.

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