Monday, June 21, 2010

Allstate, Bringer of Mayhem Destroyer of Cars

For the last seven years, the folks at Leo Burnett have effectively used actor Dennis Haysbert as the pitchman for Allstate. They’ve done a reasonably good job at keeping it fresh with some occasional good copy and side campaigns that run during football season.

Click here to view their recession ad, which I thought was genuinely good, despite the fact that they have disabled embedding.

As reported in the NYT, Allstate and Leo Burnett are introducing a new meme to their campaign with spots featuring actor Dean Winters. Let’s have a look at what has been posted thus far:

All in all, I like the theme of the campaign. To me, it is a great mystery as to why more ads do not communicate, “shit happens so buy insurance” more often. Lately, carriers are more concerned with positioning their products based on price (E-surance, GEICO and Progressive) rather than service, which tends to drive the value of brands down. So, it’s refreshing to see someone attempt to remind the public why we buy these things in the first place.

I was not too thrilled with the teenage girl spot though. If I am not mistaken, teenage males are more likely to get in accidents than females. While I wouldn’t categorize the ad as misogynist, I do think it’s unfairly capitalizing on an incorrect stereotype and Allstate should reconsider airing it again in the future.

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